Union Elementary School


The STEM Experience

The STEM Experience happens everywhere on our campus, not just inside the classroom


We had such a fun time with the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program.  We went to the Amazon, to the bottom of the ocean, to the Mayan & Aztec ruins....some of us even went to the moon!!!  This was so much fun! We had many visitors from Central Office come and go on some expeditions too, even Dr. Phillips!  







Our Nature Trail, Outdoor Classroom and Labyrinth Patio add another spot to take the kids outdoors and continue their STEM learning.  Our Nature Trail is surrounded by native Tennessee plants/shrubs and has an area where the kids and teacher can sit on tree stumps and continue their outside experience. Our Outdoor Classroom can have lots of kids sitting at 1 of the 4 tables allowing them to sit and work on many different projects.  Our Labyrinth Patio has a giant chalkboard where the teacher can actually do a lesson while sitting outside, the kids can also take a moment to clear their minds while walking the labyrinth.





Our Garden and Greenhouse are great places where kids learn what it takes to plant and grow our own food....you can't be afraid to get dirty there! 













TN Department of Education Seal      STEM Certified     Eastman     Volunteer Tennesse School Seal of Approval
2014 Reward School
Top 5% in the State for
Academic Achievement