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 Remember to get your Parental Agreement forms in for the fantastic show of "Mr. Bond & the Science Guys"! You don't want your kids to miss this STEMtastic Show!!!


Mr. Bond


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It was a great first week here at Union STEM. This week we welcome Kindergarten in their first full week!!

Thank you so much for helping the beginning of the school year go great!  With a new year and a new principal, change is inevitable. Here are a few new items to keep in mind: 

*  Morning Arrival:  The school doors will not be unlocked until 7:15! If your child is being dropped off before, they must be registered with our before school care program, Kidz Zone.  Please remain in your car with your child until the doors are unlocked. Do not leave them standing outside with no supervision.

*Afternoon Dismissal Time:  Dismissal time is now 3:00pm.  Children will not exit the building until the 3:00pm dismissal bell rings. 

*Afternoon Front Pick-up:  

-All 2nd & 3rd grade will be picked up in the INSIDE lane

-All 4th & 5th grade will be picked up in the OUTSIDE lane


Parents, please be mindful of our neighbors.  Do not block their driveways while you are waiting in line out there.  I know this is almost impossible, but please be mindful.  Until 3:00pm, our does not move at all


Welcome Back 2017a

Welcome Back Union Family!!

We're looking forward to a fabulous year!!!

Now that our year has begun, here are a few key things to remember:

*  Dismissal is at 3:00pm

*Kindergarten dismisses under the Kidz Zone awning

*  First grade dismisses under the 5th grade awning




Welcome Union Elementary Students!

It's a brand new year and we're so very excited to see you!!

To help speed up your registration process, we have provided some forms that can be filled out beforehand and a link to the Parent Survey that will need to be taken.  Please print the forms found here and bring them with you for registration.  Please fill out the parent survey.

Thank you so much, we can't wait to see your sweet kiddos!! :) 


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Thanks for all your votes!!! Because of you, we are the




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 Congratulations to


Mrs. Arnold


Union STEM Teacher of the Year!!