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 At Union Elementary STEM our kids are not only learning the core subjects and STEM, they are also exposed to 1 of 7 Related Arts classes on a daily basis. Which are:


Music -

Our students experience music through play, improvisation, movement, appreciation, literature, and performance. We have grade level programs throughout the year, but our musicians shine during our weekly music classes. We create and develop relationships that foster our motto “PERFORM BRAVELY”! Students improvise movements using their bodies or scarves while listening to different genres of music or a simple pattern on the tubano. When they start our movement activities in the younger grades you can see the timidness, but as they grow in confidence their movements become more expressive. We compose instrumental accompaniments to our favorite stories. We have used Mortimer, The Rattletrap Car, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, and other fun stories. Our students are very comfortable using a variety of instruments to create compositions to add to the stories. We use rain sticks, xylophones, wind chimes, wind tubes, African Drums, triangles, tambourines, hand drums, and vibraslaps to create unique arrangements. In the older grades, we learn music theory and techniques while playing recorders, ukuleles, and xylophones. The students also enjoy bucket drumming arrangements to popular music. However, a favorite activity uses tennis balls. I want our students to internalize a steady beat from day one. We start using the BIG RED BALL to find the steady beat, but in the older grades we move to the tennis balls. We play pop music to find the strong beats, or we could just bounce on beat one experimenting with different time signatures. We also know how to protect and use the one instrument we carry with us, our voice. Our students know their voice is a powerful tool in our classroom. I strive to make them feel safe while we are learning and growing together in our music classroom.


P.E. -

We have lots of fun learning about physical education, fitness, health and extracurricular activities that can be played in and out of school.

Fitness: We have a weekly workout to improve overall fitness levels in our students.

Health: There are various lessons to help students understand the different aspects of improving and maintaining good health.


We play a WIDE variety of games throughout the year such as, but not limited to; basketball, soccer, dodgeball, hockey, kickball, volleyball, etc. While learning to play these games, students will also be taught the skills required to participate in these sports/games, while also learning great sportsmanship qualities. We will also participate in Jump Rope for Heart where students collect donations to help The American Red Cross Association.



Art -

Students will be part of an exciting visual arts education program. They will explore great art, artists, cultures of the world, and develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork.  Students will participate in hands-on art activities and develop critical thinking skills by studying their own and others' artwork.

More and more, the arts are playing a vital role in education and learning.  Unlike many other subject areas, the arts introduce students to ways of thinking that are based upon imagination and judgment.  The arts encourage students to think and learn in a variety of ways in addition to using language and logic skills.

One of the most exciting aspects of art education for students is creating their own artwork.  Families can help children appreciate visual arts by visiting museums, share family mementos, and create their own works of art.  Students will begin to see the world through an artists' eyes and develop critical thinking skills that will last for a lifetime.


Media Center -

Our Media Center is not just a library where you can check out books, but a place where you can check out iPad Carts, Smart Tables, Hands on Science & Math manipulatives, Robotics, and other devices used for technology integration and where you can bet the morning announcements are being video taped in the UES News Room.  They will attend every other week in place of STEMLab. 


Guidance -

Our Guidance program is a unique program that uses children's literature to introduce a variety of character traits.  Each guidance lesson follows a user-friendly format based on the Tennessee Standards for Guidance, Counseling and Careers.  It is the Counselor's job to help the children achieve academically, emotionally and socially.  It is our goal to help our students have positive experiences so they will learn how to make positive contributions in society.  We teach character traits to help students succeed in their personal lives.  Children may not remember the facts that were taught, but they will remember how they were treated by others. 



A place for kids to explore the different aspects of STEM.  They will work with science experiments, technlology driven devices, Engineering is Elementary Kits and use Mathematics in many of the activities being done.  They will attend for a full day every nine weeks.

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