Union Elementary School
  • Results from 2017 lottery

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  • 4th grade teachers with Solar Eclipse Glasses on
    Ready for Totality!
  • Child riding in a moon buggy on Science Day
    This girl will be ready to ride a Moon Buggy on the moon in 2020
  • Office Staff with Solar Eclipse Glasses on
    Totally ready for Totality!!!
  • Principal sitting with first grade class holding eggs
    Chickens & Eggs, Chickens & Eggs
  • Child holding a hen
    Chicken Sweetness
  • Students and parents pulling weeds from the pollinator garden
    Serving our Community
  • Mr. Collins in the pollinator garden
    Mr. Collins in the new Pollinator Garden at Triple Creek Park
  • Children running in the Fun Run
    Fun Run 2017
  • Child running in the fun run
    Fun Run Fun 2017
  • Teachers in the fun run
    Teachers getting in on the Fun Run
  • Mrs. Braswell's 1st grade class in a group
    Starting The Year Off Right!
  • Mrs. Wigger's 3rd grade class first day of school group picture
    Good Times at Union
  • Mrs. Gibson and a 2nd grade student
    2nd Grade Is Sweet
  • Union Life
    Union Life
  • The Chicken Chain Kids
    The Chicken Chain Kids
  • Teacher Of The Year!
    Teacher Of The Year!
  • Union Life
    Union Life
  • Mrs. Zullo's Class Is Full Of Love
    Mrs. Zullo's Class Is Full Of Love
  • Ready For Another Crazy Year
    Ready For Another Crazy Year




We are excited that you are visiting our school for possible enrollment!! Please be aware that the applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be available sometime this Fall.  Come back and visit us then.  




Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be available on line Tuesday, November 1st and may be turned in at the school office until 3pm Friday, January 06, 2017.

A self-addressed stamped envelope must be submitted with the application.  Also, 2 proofs of residency must be provided showing Sumner County residency.

Union STEM and Demonstration School will not accept faxed or mailed applications.

 Kindergarten applicants must be 5 years of age by August 15th of the calendar year.

No bus transportation will be provided to or from school.

The date for the public lottery for acceptance will be available on the school website later this year. Letters of acceptance and those on the waiting list will be mailed after the lottery date.  Attendance to the lottery is not required as you will be notified by mail.  However, you are welcome to be in attendance.

The submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance to Union Elementary STEM and Demonstration School.



2017-2018 Application